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Anne is also a SINGER


She started to sing when she was a kid. She saw the movies Annie, Grease and Fame, and she was singing her life as a musical!  When she was a teenager she started learning guitar with her father and then with Marc CARDUSO, an amazing musician and guitar player who taught her a lot about guitar and music! She then started to sing with her guitar for people and friends, at parties and even at school.


When she was living in Texas in the 90's she discovered Country music and Oldies as well as Broadway songs that kept inspiring her. She even got to sing several times in a pub in Dallas with her guitar;


When she moved back to Paris as a grown-up, she started to take vocal classes at a singing workshop called MUSIDRAMA ( managed by the great Samuel Sené (, to learn about musical theater and Broadway songs in general; she also got into acting workshops, she started acting and performing on stage.


Later she met an American vocal teacher from NY who lives and teaches in Paris, Marina Albert, and she learned a lot about singing and breathing with her.

When people ask her "what type of singer are you"?, she replies that she is an International singer and that she loves all styles.


She used to sing and play the piano in a beautiful piano-bar in Paris

She also writes HER OWN SONGS, and she started with this one in French: 



Live for the first time at Le RESERVOIR in Paris:


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"DETACHE-MOI", by Anne Barot